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Melbourne Chiropractor 

Dr. Jim,  Melbourne Chiropractic

55 Rouse St, Port Melbourne, 3207

9646 8600

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How To Choose (the best for you) Melbourne Chiropractor

Firstly, how does your Chiropractor rate out of ten?


1. Professional Experience with Melbourne Chiropractor

               15+ plus years consulting over 10,000 people  

               Given 700+ presentations on health and wellbeing


2. Comprehensive Evaluation with Melbourne Chiropractor

              Comprehensive Initial Wellness Assessment

              over two visits


3. Progressive Monitoring by Melbourne Chiropractor with Kinesiology

              Regular Assessment Review Testing conducted


4. Self-Help Education and Support

              5 DREAM for Wellbeing  presentations


5. Parking

              Plenty of off-street parking near Bay Street when visiting

              Melbourne Chiropractor


6. Easy Access to Public Transport to see Melbourne Chiropractor

              On tram (109) and bus routes (234)


7. Convenient Appointment Times with Dr. Jim, Melbourne Chiropractor

              Open all day, including after work evenings & Saturday mornings.


8. Evidence Based Care by Melbourne Chiropractor with posture rehab

              See Benefits of Care


9.  Friendly Welcome

                Smiling and welcoming service and support by Melbourne

                Chiropractor staff.